Rock Radio Stations

Radio Free Mooresville

TFVHT Rock Radio

WSVU Rock 101.7 and 92.5 The Surf - Palm Beach

Unnamed Station

Metallica Channel

Offspring Channel

Metallica Live Channel

Three D Radio 93.7FM - Adelaide, Australia - Progressive Alternative

Decade: 1960s

Decade: 1970s

Decade: 1980s

Decade: 1990s

Decade: 2000s

Decade: 2010s

Metal Channel

KBOO 90.7fm Portland, Oregon, USA

OpenNic Radio 01.101 - Classic rock from the 1960's to the 1990's

OpenNic Radio 01.105 - Classic rock from the 1960's to the 1990's

i96 Memphis Modern Music - Alternative

KMeat - Free Form Rock entertainment for the World!

KYMO - Classic Rock 105.3

JDPA 1st Wave


JDPA Classic Rock

Unnamed Alternative Rock Station

Unnamed Random Classic Rock Station

Unnamed Random Rock Station

Unnamed Rock Station

WLTI - Classic Rock

WJHS 91.5 - The Eagle

SpriteLayer Rock - Alt Rock from 80s through today

Hard Rock Stream

ALT 101.7 - Tuscaloosa's New Alternative

Rough River Radio - All Classic Rock 24/7

Z93.5 KZXT - Eureka's New Home for 4 Decades of Light Rock Favorites!

102.3 The Rocket - Jackson's Rock Station

WFOJ 105-7 The Fox

VENOM Classics - Classic rock, brittish invasion, 60's, 70's, 80's, glam metal

Rock On The Radio - Start A Revolution!

WELD 690 AM Classic Rock

Samael's Radio Station - 90's Alternative/Grunge/Metal/Hard Rock

New York Hard Core Punk

90's Classic Metal

181.FM 90's Alternative

WTYO IP Radio - The Wolf - Eastern North Carolina's Classic Rock Station - Note: This station may have switched formats.

Rock n Roll America

sMegabyte - ACDC, Def Leppard, and Van Halen

i96 Memphis Modern Music

Classic Rock Miami - Miami's Classic Rock Station - Rock n Roll live 24/7

181.FM 80's Hairband

181.FM The Rock!

181.FM Rock 40

181.FM Rock 181


Signature Active Rock

Signature Classic Rock

Unnamed Rock Station

iN2l Rock Radio